Old Lurker, the Queen of Giving

It appears that the latest fad is to bestow presents upon our fellow bloggers this season. And what better time than during a pandemic, when our wallets are already stretched thin? There is nothing Baby Jesus likes more than credit card debt. Still, one must maintain appearances, and who am I to go against the flow?

Sixpence has dealt with a lot of isolation this year. Maddie got him a car, but if he is to venture outside he still needs protection.

Maddie has had a tough time too, but not as tough as figuring out what to buy for the queen who has everything. But surely everybody can use a new pair of shoes?

Dear Debra has been doing a heroic job of entertaining us, so she is due for some gourmet treats to satisfy her sweet tooth.

RTG and Anne-Marie have patiently been waiting for a vaccine, but once things are back to normal they would probably enjoy a cultural adventure.

I know Willym is into culture and stuff, so what better gift than some music for his ears?

Let us not forget the Duchess Deedles and her green thumb. I had hoped to find some living plants to cheer her up, but all I came up with was a packet of potential. May her new hobby prove fruitful.

Poor Steven is another tough one to shop for. Fortunately Jimmy (the dear!) recently posted some video which inspired the idea of some handcrafted art.

I have no good idea of what to send Jimmy. Some yuppies for his neighborhood, maybe?

I do know Sassybear likes comic books, so how about some movies featuring his favorite characters? Or maybe a different movie?

I also know RJ is into art, so how about a nice wall calendar to inspire him all year long?

Let’s not forget Dr Spo. He is not doing much driving these days, but come January 20th the plandemic will be over and he will be commuting to Mesa and his office. Maybe he is due for some new wheels?

As usual, I have left a lot of people out. Some of you are tough to shop for. Others have been naughty. JP has not blogged for a while so I do not remember his likes and dislikes. Regardless, there are lots of stocking stuffers for all of you to enjoy.

20 thoughts on “Old Lurker, the Queen of Giving

  1. I laughed at each and every INSPIRED gift, Lurkie! I am delighted with the Kerr’s molasses Halloween Kisses which I would MUCH rather have than a MAGA cuffed beanie. Anyone who wears one of those deserves to be cuffed! It’s been so long since you posted but boy, it was worth the wait!


    1. If you keep up with those kind words then I might post more often, and then you will be sorry.

      I did not think anybody would recognise the significance of Willym’s gift, but I guess you would get it.


    1. I figured movies would go over better than lobbying the government to increase the mandatory retirement age.

      I must say that a full-sized Grinch was pretty inspired too. I hope you have a good Christmas break from work, as long or as short as that turns out to be.


  2. I’ve missed you! The neighborhood would be complete if you moved in. That would be the ultimate gift that keeps giving, you big ole sweet lug. Smooch!


    1. Not to worry. You very likely have a bunch of neighbors just like me, rooting in your trash, aggressively panhandling you for spare change, screaming incoherently at night for no reason, etc.


  3. My dear Lurker…..I hope you can run fast…..because if I don’t catch you over those Crocs…..Anne Marie will beat your ads I’ve ABBA songs!!!!!! Buy Deedles may find another option for those squash!!!!!!!!!!

    So for you…. I have an all expense paid trip to come visit here for a week…then too sixpense s for a week and then off to check on Steven!!! I have a feeling the wedding is off. He seems to have fallen from earth. You needs Santa with you around?


  4. Hahahaha
    OMG Lurkie! I love the idea of the mask! Now I want one.
    Did I tell you I actually have a t-shirt that says Masc4Masc in the front below a huge pink unicorn? This mask would be right up my alley!
    And I cackled so hard with all these gifts! LMAOOO
    You crack me up.


    P.S. I almost spit my orange juice with that handcrafted art suggestion for Steve! LOLOLOL


    1. I don’t think I knew about that T-shirt. How do people know you only wear it ironically?

      Well, if you like the mask so much you should take a beanie hat to go with it.


    1. That does not sound like a high bar to clear.

      I hope you like the color? I chose red to match your eyes.


    1. Happy New Year to you as well. May your handlers treat you and Mr B. with kindness this year, and not work you two into the ground.


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