A confession and good-bye

I have to come clean; I am not who I say I am.

I am not a psychiatrist, but I see one on a regular basis. She urged me to be honest here, as part of my treatment.

I have something called Munchausen Syndrome. This is when someone pretends to be sick or someone they are not in order to get medical attention. I thought blogging would be a way to help, but it became another part of my problem. I am using it to get attention. When my psychiatrist Dr. Julia Hoffman discovered my blog, she was very upset and asked me to take it down.

I really am 43 years old; I work as a security night watchman. I have never had a boyfriend.

Most of what I’ve written here is taken from medical textbooks and case reports I have found on line. I apologize for pretending I am Someone I am not.

I will leave this up for a week then it all comes down.

I feel a great fool.


19 thoughts on “A confession and good-bye

  1. At the risk of being indelicate … What part of Collinwood do you live in? Have youu ever been a resident at Windcliff?

    Now, as for writing your blog to get attention. I don’t think any one of us writes our blogs for any other reason. I know that I have little really to write on mine that will benefit anyone in the world except for me. It is my therapy, my social outlet, a way in todays world to meet new people and perhaps make some sort of virtual friendship.

    I respond to so much of what you write…not in the form of comments as much as emotionally. There is a sort of kinship in your feelings and experiences.

    So what if you think you are a fraud. So is pretty much everyone else on the planet. And don’t you dare go away. If for some reason you feel you have to take down Old Lurker then you are, in my opinion, obligated to replace it with something new and exciting and full of Lurkie wisdom and insight. And you must continue to comment on what I write as it gives me a perspective on my own identity and life crisis.

    We love you Lurkie no matter what.


    1. I’m afraid you will be disappointed. Sooner or later this disappears. Perhaps sooner.

      Thankfully there are video consultations now, so one is not obligated to live near vampires to get psychiatric help.


  2. Happy April Fools Day to you, too, Old Lurker, and many more. You and your blog are unique and special creations whether or not you realize it.


    1. It would take way more than 15 rounds of voting for me to win anything. Also McCarthy has integrity.


  3. Happy April Fools Day to you too, Lurkie. Although I do believe you when you say you misrepresent yourself on this blog. For example, I don’t believe you’re an American at all.


      1. The part I want to make sure is a joke is that “good-bye”, the rest is immaterial. None of us are quite what we say we are in blogdom.


  4. You are forbidden to go away. So Sassybear says, so it shall be! You may be an old curmudgeon, but you’re OUR old curmudgeon, and we love you! (And you are way more charming than you give yourself credit for.)


      1. I figured this was an AFJ but hadn’t recognized it as an homage to Spo’s post. But I thought it an opportune moment to reassure you that you are a welcome and appreciated part of our blogging community.


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