Acknowledging Pain

These virusey times have been difficult for many, but it feels that over the past few days this corner of the blogosphere has been hit pretty hard.

Dr Spo’s mom died, of course, and although he feels okay now I worry that the grief is going to hit hard at some point.

Deedles went missing a few days ago, and although there is probably no direct connection between that and the tinderbox that exploded in Minnesota, I worry about the effect this BLM/ACAB turmoil is having on her and her family. I wish somebody could check in to make sure she is okay.

COVID-19 appears to have been especially difficult on the Stevens. From what I can tell both Mistress Maddie and Poor Steven have been furloughed from their jobs, which has to hurt. Maddie has started drinking gin, and his posts have been getting darker. He is picking fights on Instagram and may be turning into a Batman villain. Meanwhile Poor Steven had been stuck on his farm, afraid to get groceries because he doesn’t have his residence papers and thus might get deported. Things sounded as if they were starting to look up (groceries and possibly a conjugal visit?) and suddenly he posts a vagueblog about a broken heart.

Michael54 often has long stretches between posts, but he has been absent for a long while now. His dog Murphy had a health scare, and then the blogposts stopped.

John Gray had a birthday, and has been keeping his chin up and tits out, but reading between the lines it appears that he (or at least his bantam cock) is feeling lonely.

Even kind and supportive Debra is grumpy enough these days to dropkick children. That is not to mention the many others (Fearsome, Travel Penguin, Blobby, and many more) who have somehow lost trust in their president, and are now seething with anger. Where does that anger go? How does it not burn them up?

I do not know whether this level of pain is indicative of most people, or whether this is special punishment meted out by Santa for my association with their blogs. (Sometime you should ask Job’s first wife how Santa is always just and only the deserving get punished for their naughtiness.) I do get the sense that there are waves of pain rippling through the blogosphere right now. As a solipsist, you would think there would be something I could do to alleviate this pain, but I do not know what it is and knowing me I wouldn’t act even if I knew what to do. But at the very least I can acknowledge this pain, and hope that people get through it the best they can.

17 thoughts on “Acknowledging Pain

  1. Lurkie!
    And I was worried about YOU! I know you love your lurker ways and all that but really….
    I also wonder what happened to Steven. That image was very cryptic.
    Maddie has been darker, but you know a little gin is not gonna affect her. She’s been calling people’s bullshit on platforms where a varnish of civility is demanded from everybody but the president and his spawn. She’ll be fine. You cannot keep a good drag queen down.
    John and I both need some Bantam cock STAT. Duh.
    Travel even posted on MY blog awhile ago.
    Dr. Spo liked my name when I posted about his mum (Steven let us know)
    Most bloggers are dealing with this pandemic and the added racial turmoil (incited by Cheetolini) in different ways. Even I have forgotten to post anything about dick this week. I’ll have to remedy that soon.
    Great to read you again. Now don’t go lurking for too long…


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    1. Dr Spo is a good blogger. He is well worth your time to follow.

      You sound as if you are doing okay but it seems that you are very isolated where you live now. That is not so good.

      I’m pretty sure that people are happier when I lurk, and happier still when I bug off and stop creeping them.


      1. He is! I’ll have to drop by his blog more often.
        Well, I live in the suburbs, and I’m not quarantined alone. But I really don’t want to go out. Especially not now. I’ve started to like taking care of plants and reading romance novels LoL.
        And you know I’d be happier if you lurked less. I’ll post some naked men. Maybe that’ll entice you…
        You’re grumpy but adorable.


    1. Don’t get me wrong. You have every right to be grumpy and to express that grumpiness. Burdening you with the expectation to be sweetness and light all the time is patriarchical nonsense. But it did surprise me. I hope that the grumpiness does not eat you up. I recommend staying away from the gin.


  2. Oh my lands Lurkie!!!!!!!! I thought I spied you at Steven’s. It took a pandemic to get you out? I have always had a dark angry side, but just keep it well hidden and under wraps…especially when it comes to wildlife and the environment. Gin Lane might drive me to become Pam Demic yet.

    Rest assure, Duchess Deedles, is doing good. She was fighting a nasty flu bug that wore the gal out and she and Balder half had there covid test done also. As we’re aware, one doesn’t just poke the Duchess with a stick unless she wants it. We email back and forth.

    Wait did Sixpense just say dick? What’s that? My….how times change, did I just say that.


    1. Lmaooo honey, when this pandemic ends… it’s gonna be wall to wall dick for days.



          1. Daisy Dukes? How strange is it that even as we decry white supremacy the Dukes of Hazzard have somehow remained in our collective pop consciousness.


    2. I’m glad that you are in touch with the Duchess. Please send my good wishes to her.

      The pandemic has certainly not brought me out. Honestly I should just shut up forever.


  3. That black square that some bloggers, and some of my friends on Facebook, are posting is often accompanied by #BlackoutTuesday and #BlackLivesMatter. It’s appearing as a symbol of solidarity with our fellow citizens.


  4. You clearly Care about your Blog Community of wonderful Souls. They have perhaps had concerns for you too when you’re off grid. These are Painful times, unprecedented Chaos and Death, almost apocalyptic feeling… it’s like a campy Zombie Movie, which I always thought to be so far fetched… now, not so much.


    1. Welcome, Bohemian. Clearly you are a new reader, if you think I care one whit about anything or anyone.

      This is a bit like a zombie movie in that we do not know who has been bitten. So we mistrust people on the street and our fellow bloggers.


    1. I am not a dear. You are a dear.

      I am glad you are doing okay. I am also glad the Brothers Spo (Brother #3?) had a successful jailbreak and liberated Papa Spo from his incarceration. Take that, coppers.


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