Grinch Meme

In the true Grinch fashion, I stole this from Dr. Spo, who stole it from a Who named Doug. In true Lurker fashion, it took me 12 years to get around to posting it.

If you are Grinchy you should post this meme to your blog too, lest your heart grow three sizes and you end up with cardiomegaly.

What do you hate most about Christmas?

As a condemned sinner, I can avoid most of it, but the calories are the worst. It is difficult to avoid Christmas baking.

What is your least favorite piece of Christmas music?

Anything that promises that the holidays are going to be happy or jolly. A special dystopian shout-out goes to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. It is bad enough that Jesus hates me; now Santa is on my case as well.

What traditional Christmas food OTHER THAN FRUITCAKE (too easy) is being sent down the garbage disposal?


Which animated Christmas TV special leaves you wanting to rip the wallpaper off the walls?

Do I have to choose just one? Fine. How about The Grinch Who Stole Christmas? It has such an unhappy ending.

Alternatively, how about the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special? This atrocity inspired the plot device that brought He-Man to Earth in the terrible 1987 live-action film Masters of the Universe.

What was your least favorite Christmas gift ever?

Verbal abuse escalating to domestic assault, which I received a few more years than I care to remember.

Who on your Christmas list is the hardest to shop for?

Jesus. It doesn’t seem as if declaring fealty and accepting the gift of His blood to wash away my sins would be so bad, but it is much more difficult than it sounds.

How would you spend this time of year if you weren’t caught up in all of the holiday madness?

Wallowing in depression and wondering whether the sun will ever come back.

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