Straight Guys

When I enlisted as a homosexual, I thought I would have license to be attracted to men. I should have read the fine print; straight guys are off-limits. Keeping within the letter of the law is difficult, however. Straight guys are irresistable. They have so much to offer: Their indifference towards musical theatre and skin care products! Their gruff voices! Their enthusiasm for grilling animal flesh on a BBQ, and their disdain for all other kitchen tasks! Their fascination with sportsball and mechanical things! Their beliefs that they are totally capable of athletic prowess regardless of age and pot bellies! Also they sleep with women, which is pretty hot. I wish this did not have to be Shocking Disclosure of Sexual Perversion #6, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

You might accuse me of romanticizing straight guys, or even exoticizing them. That’s fair, I guess (although to be fair: straight guys are in fact exotic). But despite my taboo fantasies, even I understand that straight guys are a lot of work. You have to cook for them and clean up after them. You have to remind them to get to the doctor when they are unwell. You have to attend to their emotional needs despite their inability to articulate those emotions. They tend to spend their disposable income (and sometimes non-disposable income!) on toys. Having a straight guy reminds me of owning a pet reptile: they may be pretty to look at, but they are utterly dependent on you and show you little affection in return.

Most of all, straight guys want nothing to do with me. They are interested in women, not me. That’s part of the reason they are off-limits, I guess. The other part, of course, is internalized homophobia. I plead guilty to all charges. When I think of the archetype of “man” in my head, what comes to mind is a butch straight guy. I think I am not alone in this. There is a reason that many of us look for “straight-acting” fellows in our dating profiles.

In response, many of us employ strategies to butch up. We grow facial hair and go to the gym. We deepen our voices and curtail our mannerisms. We dress in baseball caps and attempt to develop an interest in sportsball. For all our efforts, there is something to be said for how effortlessly straight guys act butch without even trying.

Homosexuals have their charms, but it feels unfair that the kinds of people I am attracted to the most (straight guys, lesbians, happily married couples) are exactly those who are off-limits. As I have expressed many times before in this blog, that makes life awkward, especially given that I do not want to creep people out.

Mama always said to stay away from the straight guys. She was right. As I learned the hard way, they will break your heart every time.

8 thoughts on “Straight Guys

  1. I used to be nervous around straight guys. But never had any issues with any. About two years ago a new guy moved here from Denver. Of course , myself and the women’s tongues were wagging. He happened to move here right before Fourth of July. So, I says to my neighbor, when you come over for mimosas, I’ll invite him as a welcoming gesture, then we can all go watch the parade. And he is adorable…a landscape and nature, granola and sandals type. Well, to my surprise he showed up. Ever since then We get together, watch movies, or just hang out, or he’ll bring over beer and weed. And of course I have eroticizing him. And he’s so damn nice. I just melt. I won’t cross the line though. Unless he gets so drunk one night and says Hey, will you blow me?

    It’s torture I tell ya…TORTURE!


  2. There are a considerable number of exclamation marks in this particular post. I totally get the reasons why! I just put one there myself did you see that?
    My husband likes Spanish beer, football and cars. Fortunately his ideal woman is a man.


    1. Guido really is the complete package, isn’t he? Rumour has it that he does not even shirk kitchen duties. On the other hand, I imagine he is still a lot of work to care for and maintain.


  3. I was at Nordstrom Rack earlier today. The men’s department was filled with hot straight men of all ages. Most were shopping with a wife or girlfriend. It still made for a pleasant shopping experience.


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