Two Months In

Don’t worry. I doubt this will become a monthly feature. But some additional thoughts have been rattling around about this experiment:

  • I think I have firmly established the theme of this blog as “Old Lurker is a prude and unbelievably neurotic”.

  • I have started dipping my toes into more controversial topics, and it has not been going well. But things will likely get rockier in coming months.

  • It is fairly apparent to me that this is not going to be a “forever blog”. I am running out of things to write already. I expect the shelf life to be six months or so.

  • On the one hand, I am upset that I have not grown my audience this month. On the other hand, who cares? There is lots of great blog product out there; I have little to offer that makes me stand out from the crowd.


7 thoughts on “Two Months In

  1. While it’s nice to grow bigger…..not growing a audience shouldn’t be a concern. I much rather have interactions with a few, and if your blog touches , makes some laugh, or helps someone….just one, it’s worth it I think.


    1. It may benefit that one person to write an entry, but entries are not free. As I am sure you are aware, they take time and effort to plan. At some point I am going to have to figure out what benefit I expect for the price.


  2. I never intended to have a big audience when I created my blog. I was a little freaked out when I got 25 readers. I found it hard to believe that many people thought my posts were interesting enough to follow. Each blog has a birth and a death that you control. I hope you stay around for a while.


  3. I agree with rjjs8878’s and Mistress Borghese’s comments. Your blog is totally under your control. I don’t have tons of readers and that’s okay with me. A smaller audience makes it easier to interact with you readers. I hope you continue to blog. My two cents.


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