When Will Beards Die?

Robert (the dear!) from The Corporate Slave recently reported on the demise of the man-bun. That should come as no surprise. Fashion trends come and go. What surprises me is that beards have managed to stay fashionable for so long. From what I can tell, it has been well over 10 years since the young cubs started sporting whiskers.

I’m pretty sure nobody sported beards in the 1950s. People got shaggy in the 1960s and 1970s, but the yuppies picked up their razors in the 1980s. Even the clones sported moustaches, not beards. It seems we are overdue for a follicular crash. Year after year I expect enthusiasm for facial hair to diminish, but it hasn’t happened yet. What gives?

I doubt this trend is permanent. Homeless people and bikers will always sport beards, but sooner or later I expect mainstream society to lose its penchant for facial hair. Big Razor cannot be held at bay indefinitely. For those of us with predelictions towards facial hair, it will be a sad time. Source material for Fearsome’s “Beard of the Day” posts will dry up. Bearish types will no longer be able to pass in polite society.

We can try to resist the backlash, but the fickle forces of fashion are not to be denied.


15 thoughts on “When Will Beards Die?

  1. I must admit I like the man bun; if I had hair, I would sport one. That being said, I hope beards don’t die. NOT having hair on top of my head, it’s the only way for me to add some interest.

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  2. I’ve never sported a beard seriously. I grew some facial hair for a few days years ago and it felt itchy and odd. That doesn’t mean to say I don’t admire them. Fearsome does sterling work!


  3. Week my dear, o never minded the trend or beards, but……what gets to me was is that every other guy decided he needed a beard. Some of these man grew one just because the one next to him had one. The problem is some guys look terrible with them, or they have the wrong cut and style of beard. Then there is the ” let me see if I have the biggest” . Lately though I have seen here in Philly, the big beards are now leaving and its going back to smaller, tailored beards and heavy five. O clock shadow…….which I find very sexy.


  4. I’m a big fan of facial hair. I think beards will be around for a while. Thanks for the link.


  5. I also don’t get how some fellas are willing to have their nose hairs yanked out. I’ve seen this happen twice recently (when my boys were at barber). Fascinating to watch but gee it looked painful.


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