In preparation for being destitute, I am trying to sweat out the rest of this month without going to the bank. I have about $11.50 left to spend. The $10 will vanish on Saturday, in return for potatoes, a cabbage, a bag of candy, and (if I am lucky) some green tomatoes or peppers. That leaves tomorrow. I am almost out of potatoes now. I have the last of my lentils soaking with some highly-fattening sorghum. That plus cabbage and onions ought to be good enough, but I can already tell that it won’t be. I am feeling stretched and deprived, and when I am feeling deprived I spend more money. (This is not a good survival strategy considering my upcoming destitution.)

Add to this the fact that I have been fighting a cold all week (and losing the fight). In addition to being weak and cranky my self control is worse than usual. I had hoped to go on a bike ride tomorrow, but if I am too weak that may not happen. If I manage to go on my bike ride then I will be much better off, because then I will be less tempted to spend until I reach my destination. Then maybe I can get a donut from Timmy’s or a box of 6 donuts from the grocery store. Donuts certainly are not the food of champions, but they may be enough to tide me over. Unfortunately my monthly weigh-in is also on Monday, so expect me to be even grumpier when I have to face the consequences of my poor eating habits.

If I do not go on this bike ride then things get dangerous. The failure mode is that I dip into my Saturday grocery money on Friday. Given how terrible my spending has been this month I feel that is a distinct possibility.

If I get through Saturday I still have to deal with Sunday and Monday. I hope I will have potatoes by then, but junk food cravings could sink me. We shall see what happens.