Fair-Weather Fairy

I am utterly predictable. Give me sunny weather and my mood will improve. Give me grey weather and it will plummet. (Remind me why I live where it is grey all winter?) Add to that a few upsetting blog posts (John Gray relating magpies harassing blackbirds to kill and eat their babies followed by a series of upsetting anecdotes in the comments; and then an article about some rich restaurant owner who kills endangered rhinos for sport. Now I am a glum lurker.

None of this makes rational sense. It is better that the weather outside is grey so that I can get some computer work done inside. Also there were several sunny days in the past week that I squandered. Magpies do magpie things, and they are getting their dinners just like I get mine (and for some reason we give cats a pass for killing birds). As for the big game hunting… I don’t know. The rhino killing makes me angry because an individual gained at the expense of trying to keep a charismatic species alive, but I don’t care about these things unless I become aware of them, and I am never made aware of things unless somebody has an agenda at play.

So not only am I glum, but I am irrationally glum. That makes me glummer.