Fat Pig

Today is the third day this week I have eaten over 4000 calories. Then I wonder why I am fat and getting fatter. I am not even hungry. Mostly I am angry and disappointed and upset.

It is a good thing I have no readers, because I am obsessed about food, and I hate my gluttony, and I probably will write about it a lot. I have zero self control in this area, particularly when I am tired and/or upset.

The thing is that I had a pretty good day yesterday. I went on a bike ride and ate well under 2000 calories. But I think I underslept today, and now the whole day has gone to pot.

The sad thing is that although my gluttony gets me in all kinds of trouble, it is probably a lesser problem. I am damaged goods. What right to I have to even think I could find a bedmate or a job?