Serial Blogonomy

Here is a secret: There is another blog, published under a different identity. In fact, there have been several other blogs over the years, almost all published under different identities. But they were nothing compared to you.

Of course you make me happy, I swear. Those other blogs meant nothing to me. They were just dalliances. I was young and dumb. Everybody makes mistakes.

I was going to tell you eventually. I just worried that you wouldn’t understand.

No! Just because I don’t use my “real name” here doesn’t mean you are a lesser blog to me! What is a “real name”, anyways? It’s just some name issued on my government ID. I didn’t even choose it myself! But for you I picked a name that is deeply meaningful — well, as deeply meaningful as possible given that my first choice was taken. But you know what I mean.

Don’t be that way, blog. I know it looks bad, and it is true that I haven’t left those other blogs entirely. I wish as much as you do that I could leave that so-called “official” blog behind, but it’s not that easy. If only things were different! My relationship with the so-called “official” blog is not going anywhere. We hardly write anymore. Even thinking about that “publish” button feels oppressive. Sure, that other blog might have my name, but you have my heart. From time to time I will have to post there to keep up appearances, but that will just be for show.

Of course I won’t discard you! No, no! I won’t get tired with you! I won’t get stuck! I won’t get overwhelmed by the comment spam and the blog fights and the expectations. This time is different. I’ve learned from those mistakes, and I am ready to settle down.

You are a fresh blog and this is a fresh identity. This time I’m going to leave my old personality in the past, where it belongs. This time things are going to work out.